In the Slow Lane - Senate stonewalling and second-rate broadband

At the Senate Estimates NBN Co and senior management appear to be stonewalling and refusing to provide answers which leads to questions about the lack of an open and transparent approach to building the NBN. NBN Co's confrontational approach at the Senate Estimates hearings is discussed in the Asia and the Pacific Policy Society's Polify Forum.  

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The CVC price is right for NBN Co

The announcement by NBN Co that a new CVC charge model would be introduced in June was discussed in The Australian this week. NBN Co is seeking to motivate the industry to move customers onto the NBN at higher speed tiers. Will the strategy work? For the next two years the telecommunications industry will have to accept the decision and seek to find solace in the discounts being offered.

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Microwave offers internet speed to high-density suburbs

This week in The Australian the growth of small companies providing broadband on the urban fringe is highlighted and the innovative use of low cost microwave links to overcome the lack of fixed infrastructure has provided many homes with high speed broadband.

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Can NBN withstand the pressure test?

The Coalition government's under increasing pressure to drop FTTN and a recent Senate Select hearing into the NBN heard from a range of organisations about why the NBN needs to be built with the future in mind. In The Australian the Senate hearing events are unpacked.

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Australia ignores cyber security at its peril

National security is vital for the nations future and it is critical that moves to improve the security of telecommunications infrastructure be supported. In Business Spectator the Telecommunications Sector Security Reforms are discussed and why we need to support the development of good legislation.

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